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Professional Carpet Cleaning in Staten Island NY

Green Choice Carpet of Staten Island is your local  cleaning company here in Staten Island, New York. Apart from carpet cleaning our services include cleaning of rugs, upholstery cleaning, and also water damage repair. At Green Choice Carpet of Staten Island, we believe in providing our customers with excellent services at pocket-friendly prices. At the same time, we focus on the use of cleaning technology that is environmentally friendly. This is why our company is the leading company for cleaning cleaning in Staten Island.

We clean carpets using the latest technology in the market. Unlike home cleaning services that leave carpets with soap or shampoo by-products, the cleaning products we use are biodegradable and do not leave behind any chemical residue odor. We use carpet extraction solvents, pre-spray cleaners, rinse and buff designed to meet green technology standards of United States Environmental Protection Agency Design for Environment (DFE) Program. We employ a variety of methods for cleaning carpets. One is the hot water extraction method that involves spraying of hot water that contains our environmentally friendly extraction solvents onto the carpet while simultaneously vacuuming out the water.This water comes out with dissolved dirt, residue, and allergens. Our powerful vacuums remove the dirty water and leaves your carpet dust and pollen free. In case you prefer methods that don’t involve the use of water, we can also use encapsulation  methods that are also Eco-friendly.

Why Green Cleaning?

For many parents, people with allergies, or people who want only Eco-friendly cleaning, green cleaning means no potentially dangerous chemcials are being used in their home. After cleaning, the damp carpet will still have cleaning chemicals on the fiber, which means a baby or pet can get the chemicals on their hands and ingest the cleaning solvents. Or the chemicals odors can set off an allergic reaction. Our green cleansers have been tested and certified as being free of dangerous chemicals and are baby and pet safe. Even though they do not contain strong chemicals, they are still just as effective in cleaning and will get out stains and odors. For many households, why take the chance since our green cleaning is just as effective and our prices are affordable and competitive to other cleaning companies.

Ready to Get Those Carpet Cleaning?

At Green Choice, we made our service easy to use. You can chat or call us at 1-718-280-1044. If you have more questions, we are happy to answer them. If you want to make an appointment, we will give you an appointment that fits in with your busy schedule. If you have furniture in the way, we will move sofas, chairs and tables so we clean the entire carpet. When we clean your carpets, you can be sure that you will get a great job. So call today and enjoy fresh, clean carpets again.

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4 Rooms$120$102
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